When replacing vinyl straps on outdoor furniture, it is critical that you measure accurately and perform the correct calculations for optimum strap length. Why? Because if the straps are too long, they will sag. If they’re too short, they will be difficult to install, and may even warp the chair frame!


What Method of Strapping is Used on Your Furniture?

The first step is to know whether your furniture is single wrapped or double wrapped. How can you tell?

It’s easy – if you can see the fasteners holding the straps in place at the back of the chair frame, it is single wrapped. If the fasteners are covered over by the strap, it is double wrapped.


How to Measure for Single Wrapped Straps

Step 1: You must use a flexible tape measure for accuracy. Starting at the hole on one side of the frame, thread the tape measure around the frame in the same path that the strap will take. Extending it to the other side of the frame, wrap it around the frame in the same way, and obtain the measurement to the hole on this side.

Measuring the frame







Step 2: Deduct 10% or more from the measurement obtained in step 1. Then round to the nearest 1/2 inch. This is the length you will order, if ordering pre-cut straps, or that you will cut each strap to off the roll.

One word of caution: if the measurement from step 1 is less than 20″, be careful about reducing this too much. The shorter the strap, the less it will stretch (as a percentage), so go for the longer side of the reduction so it will be a bit longer than 90% of the measured length. The reverse applies for longer straps.

Let’s do some examples…

  • If your measurement is 24″, ten percent is 2.4″ so increase this a little and take off 3″, so your straps need to be 21″ long.
  • If your measurement is 20″, ten percent of that is 2″, so your straps need to be 18″ long.
  • If your measurement is 18″, ten percent is 1.8″ so reduce this a little and take off 1½” – they need to be 16½” long.

Please read the full installation instructions for single wrapped straps before proceeding further.


How to Measure for Double Wrapped Straps

Step 1 is almost the same as for single wrapped straps, except that you must wrap your tape measure TWICE around the frames at each side of the chair, just as the strap will be wrapped when finished. Take the total measurement from hole to hole.

Step 2: The ideal length for double wrapped straps is a little “fuzzy”. Deduct about 10-12% from the measurement you obtained in step 1, then round to the nearest ½”.

However, we strongly recommend that you cut and install one strap per the installation instructions before cutting any more. Wait until it cools, and then test it to make sure it is tight enough. You can then make any necessary adjustments to your cut length before proceeding with the rest of the straps.

Note: Double-wrapped straps should be difficult to install! More stretching means tighter straps after they cool. But be
careful not to have them so short that they form slots or tear at the rivet holes when you stretch them.

For this reason, we recommend that you do NOT order pre-cut straps when double wrapping.