Cleaners and Teak Restoration

Casual Clean Patio Furniture Cleaner

32 Oz Jug of Casual Clean Concentrate

Casual Clean ® is absolutely the best cleaning product we've found to keep your outdoor furniture looking new. Casual Clean is highly concentrated. A little bit goes a long way. Routine cleaning with Casual Clean ® and water will help enhance the appearance and extend the life of your patio furniture, cushions and umbrellas.
Use full strength Casual Clean ® to attack sun-baked dirt and mildew stains. Dilute with water for less difficult cleaning jobs.

Available in the economical 1 gallon jug



Casual Clean spray bottle Also available in a convenient 32 oz. spray bottle


Golden Care Logo Golden Care Teak Restoration Products

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Golden Care Teak Cleaner is both a cleaner and brightner and is applied in one step. The Teak Cleaner cleans and restores discoloured, dirty, dark gray and/or green teak. The cleaner removes surface oil and dirt from the wood, restoring the even brown color. It's so easy. No Sanding. Simply rub it into the wood and watch it work.



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Golden Care Teak Protector helps maintain the original, golden brown color of teak. This innovative easy to apply treatment protects your teak and keeps it looking great by retaining it's natural warm brown color.

Teak Protector is water-based and dries quickly allowing you to use your furniture within a few hours. Contact us for additional details.


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Water-based Gloden Care Teak Shield protects teak against food and drink stains. The Shield is an almost invisible wood impregnator that makes it difficult for wine, olive oil, butter, etc. to seep into teak eliminating spots and stains. Teak Shield is also suitable for the protection of teak furniture being used indoors.