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Replacement Slings: Get Your Facts Straight!

Sunday, April 14, 2017

Replacement Slings by Patio Parts Pro. Where do you get the best quality replacement slings? I'd suggest buying them from Patio Parts Pro . We've been in the business for over 25 years, and we guarantee your satisfaction! Patio Parts Pro is your best choice. We have customers in Florida, and all over the USA for that matter. We provide the same expert advice, whether its replacement slings, feet for a patio chair, or replacement cushions.... You will get the same expert advice and service we've been famous for over the past 20 years. Due to our reputation, honest dealings and the wide variety of replacement slings we hav have, you'll have more options on how'd you want your patio chair renovation to come along. We have more colors and options than anyone. Go with the Pros ! Patio Parts Pro.


Testimonial from Florida:

Saturday, June 1, 2017

- ..."Thanks for the great job on my replacement slings. They fit my Brown Jordan outdoor furniture perfectly. My set looks like new. Your technician was so helpful with installation advice, even here in Florida! . We love Patio Parts Pro!"

-JW, Ft. Lauderdale Florida


Chair Slings: We Have Everything You Need!

Sunday, June 2, 2017

Chair Slings by Patio Parts Pro... How do you choose the best replacement patio chair slings? What are the considerations that you have to take into account in order to ensure that what you'll buy are high grade replacement patio chair slings? You should focus on the supplier. Choose an expert you know has lots of experience, and the reputation to perform. If you're planning to overhaul your patio's appearance, start by replacing your old patio furniture chair slings; simply check out our simple measurement and installation instructions to make your chair sling install a breeze. Then Order from Patio Parts Pro!


Testimonial from Virginia:

July 12, 2017

..."The new slings arrived today via UPS. I installed the replacement slings I bought from you this evening. It was a smooth and easy process. The chairs look great. Thanks for your coaching on the install process! Todd's help was great!. I'm so pleased... Just needed to tell you"

-PA, Virginia Beach, Virginia


Custom Slings: Tips to Help You Buy!

Friday, March 22, 2017

Custom Slings by Patio Parts Pro... Your patio furniture's slings may have seen better days. It's time to retire them and buy a new set and keep your patio furniture useful for several years more. Your slings came with the furniture when you bought them several years ago and they served you well and you admired their durability and design. Tastses and styles change, and Patio Parts Pro is here to help you make that tired old furniture look new again with Replacement Slings, New Feet and Glides, and Cushions. Check out our catalog pages for everything you need to tune up your old furniture today. Turn to the folks you can trust for replacement slings and parts for outdoor furniture. Patio Parts Pro.


Testimonial from Texas:

Monday, May 20, 2017

..."Thanks for your help in selecting the correct feet for my Woodard Patio Set. They fit great, and should last me a long time. I was also pleased with the quick turnaround time. I'll keep you in mind - I won't go anywhere else from now on!"

-RW, Dallas Texas


Patio Furniture Repair Is Better Than Patio Furniture Replacement!

Saturday, March 16, 2017

Patio Furniture Repair... by Patio Parts Pro... I know you always try to keep your home and it's surroundings in top condition, letting us enjoy them for as long as we can. This is true especially if you really like them. How many times have you gone looking for something new, just to realize you like what you have more than anything at the store? Patio furniture easily falls into this category and we'd rather have them repaired instead of replaced. Patio furniture repair is popular among homeowners.… because it's easy, and offers a great bang for your buck. Call or Email Patio Parts Pro for all the Replacement Parts, Slings, and Outdoor Cushions you need to keep your patio set looking terrific for years to come.


Replacement Slings versus Replacement Furniture

Friday, February 8, 2017

Replacement Slings by Patio Parts Pro Despite the love we have for our outdoor furniture sooner or later their slings breakdown. During this time a lot of owners debate whether to order replacement slings or just buy new furniture. But while choosing between the two options seems quite simple enough, there are really several factors to consider so that you make the most out of your money. First look at the quality of the frame. If you bought your furniture from a big box store, it may or may not be worth it. However, if you paid dearly for it, as most of us did, it more than makes sense to get new slings and other parts from Patio Parts Pro.


Testimonial from California

Tuesday June 12, 2017

"The replacement cushions for my patio set arrived today, and they're beautiful Thanks to Nancy for helping to pick out just the right fabric. My deck will be the talk of the town.... "

-KF, Mountain View, California



Patio Furniture Replacement Slings: The Best, Only From Patio Parts Pro !

Sunday, January 20, 2017 Patio Furniture Replacement Slings by Patio Parts Pro

Patio Parts Pro has created a special niche for homeowners who want nothing but the best parts for their patio furniture. In this regard, we're only selling high quality patio furniture replacement slings; they're highly durable, very beautiful, and definitely comfortable and they're available in several colors and fabrics. You won't find any difficulty in choosing the Patio Furniture Replacement Slings that provides your patio furniture the best match for a modern appeal.


Patio Furniture Replacement Parts: How to figure out which exact parts you need!

December 31, 2016

Patio Furniture Replacement Parts by Patio Parts Pro... There's just something about those old furniture on the deck that endear them to us. They're like old reliable, friends that keep us comfortable while sipping ice tea and enjoying an afternoon breeze. But while we would like them to last forever sooner or later patio furniture will need repairs. Should you ever need patio furniture replacement parts, Patio Parts Pro is the convenient patio supplies shop to go. A usual problem with homeowners… You're busy, and don't have time to drive around all day and waste a Saturday. The simple solution is to call Patio Parts Pro. Our experts will help you pick the correct patio furniture parts and replacement slings the first time.


Testimonial from New Jersey

Thursday, April 11, 2017

..."Wow, I was surprised that my replacement slings arrived via UPS today. That was fast! They look terrific, and 100% as we agreed. My son is coming over tomorrow to install them. Thanks for the quick service. Nancy, you are the best !"

-CD, Sea Isle City, New Jersey




Slings: Practical Guides for Replacing and Taking Care of Them!

Saturday, October 27, 2016

Slings-Patio Parts Pro Everywhere you go you're bound to find a sling patio chair or two in someone's backyard. Not only are these sling chairs very durable, they're easy to maintain and are quite affordable. Plus they have the added benefit of being both water and weather resistant. Depending on the type of material and exposure to the elements, slings can last three to seven years. We at Patio Parts Pro will give you a few basics as to how to care for them. First, only use mild soap and water with a hose, but do it often. Your old slings are undergoing stress on two fronts. The chemicals from your body, your pool, and sunscreen are slowly attacking the fabric. UV rays from the sun also breakdown the fibers and eventually cause even the best patio chair sling material to tear. Frequent gentle cleaning, as well as keeping them out of the sun (or purchasing chair covers from Patio Parts Pro) can also extend the life of Outdoor Furniture Slings. This treatment will also help to extend the life of the painted or powder coated finishes on tables and chairs.


Testimonial from Nevada

Wednesday, February 13, 2017

..."I couldn't be more pleased with my replacement slings. They look great out of the box, and with your instructions, they went on very easily. The feet I ordered also were the correct ones. You hit the home run for me. Thanks for your courteous service. Don't remember who I talked to, but she was great. Answered all my questions, and above all, got it right!"

-JB, Lake Las Vegas, Nevada



Custom Slings Add Life To Anyone's Patio!

Friday, October 12, 2016

Custom Slings..... Patio Parts Pro takes pride in being one of the best makers of replacement slings. We haveover 20 years experience in sling making which has helped us become industry experts. We custom make 100% of our product, so you are guaranteed a great fit. We;ve learned that most of the time, premade slings just don't work out very well. Even well made metal furniture changes over time, and there can also be variability from chair to chair. Take the time to measure carefully, and we will make a replacement sling that fits perfectly, and will last a long time. We also take orders for self designed slings you may have in mind. We have many satisfied customers from Michigan to Texas.


Chair Slings That Puts Quality Second Life To Your Patio Furniture!

Wednesday, September 26, 2016

Chair Slings Chair slings are what make patio chairs cool, comfortable, and nice looking. They're supposed to be durable and strong to support your weight as you slump on them coming from a hard day's work. Chair slings can last up to 6 years, but ideally they should be changed after 4 years. You shouldn't wait until wear and tear catches up with your chair slings. Broken or torn chair slings are 100% useless. It's amazing how dramatic changing to new slings from Patio Parts Pro will enhance your entire deck or pool area. Let us help you spruce up your deck and patio area with new slings, replacement parts and cushions for outdoor furniture.


Testimonial from South Carolina

Saturday, March 30, 2017

"The feet I ordered for my patio set were exactly right. Without your advice, I doubt I'd have gotten it right. Thanks for taking the time to make sure I got the right parts for my patio table and chairs. . ."

-RR, Hilton Head, South Carolina